Wonderful Photos of Japan’s Recent Volcano Eruption

German photographer Martin Rietze is behind this spectacular
series of photographs of an exploding volcano erupting in southern Kyushu,
Japan. These terrifying shots present a phenomenal juxtaposition of a rain of
fire, molten lava bombs, billowing black smoke and breathtaking electrifying

 Rietze is a
self-proclaimed “volcano-chaser” who looks for volatile volcanoes, face
electric storms to just provide us a way to look at natural disaster in the
most creative way. Below is an interesting video captured by Rietze, showing the
power and intensity of volcano in southern Kyushu, Japan.
electrifying lightning
Martin Rietze
Interesting Shots

Martin Rietze 5

amazing electrifying lightning

Martin Rietze 7

Martin Rietze

Martin Rietze2

Martin Rietze1

Martin Rietze1

Martin Rietze3

Martin Rietze6

Photos of Volcano Eruption

Sakurajima 1


Volcano Eruption Japan 1

volcano eruption