Hilarious Photo Series Showing How Real Men Would Look in Famous Underwear Ads

Women with perfect bodies and look have long been featured in
various underwear ad campaigns, but man usually feel little insecure about
their underwear ads. This funny and provocative photo shoot of everyday guys
posing in modern underwear ads is a collaborative effort of Jenny Francis and
The Sun. The purpose behind this photo series was to show how ordinary man look
like in poster ads replacing popular male models David Beckham, Cristiano
Ronaldo, Freddie Ljungberg and David Gandy.
The four man showing in these ads are regular readers of The
Sun trying their best to recreate the famous ads. Check out this thought-provoking
series and share your opinion with us in the comment section.

Armani, John Doe vs. Cristiano Ronaldo

Calvin Klein, John Doe vs. Freddie Ljungberg

Dolce & Gabbana, John Doe vs. David Gandy

H&M, John Doe vs. David Beckham

Underwear Ads

    via: The Sun