Makeup Artist Turns Her Lips to Look Like Your Favorite Cartoon Characters

Meet Laura Jenkinson, a London-based makeup artist who creatively highlights famous cartoon characters with her beautiful lipstick makeup art. Jenkinson pays a hilarious tribute to cartoon personalities by painting them on her own mouth that expresses her great love for these characters. Not only her lips but all other organs like tongue, teeth, cheeks, and chin play a particular role to paint your favorite cartoon characters from Disney movies, Looney Tunes, The Simpsons, South Park and more.

makeup art laura jenkinson


lipstick makeup art


laura jenkinson cartoon character-1

famous cartoon character

Laura Jenkinson lip art


Laura Jenkinson lip art-1


laura jenkinson cartoon character


makeup art laura jenkinson-2


makeup art laura jenkinson-1


famous cartoon character-1


lipstick makeup art-2


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