Creative Bookshelves Design Ideas

Creative Bookshelves Designs Ideas

When we think of a bookshelves design, the first thing comes in our mind is probably a conventional rectangular shape bookshelf on the wall with a lot of books inside it. There are many creative designers who create unique interesting bookshelves to be placed in offices or at home, to blend in the interior design that you have.

Here we have compiled a list of creative bookcase designs that will inspire you as these are quite stylish, unique, and original. Enjoy!


Read Your Bookcase


Twig Twig Bookcase


Tectonic Bookcase


Tatik chair-bookshelf object


Sinapsi by Sebastian Errazuriz


Rope Bridge Bookshelf


Robox Bookshelf


Read Book shelf




OFO Bookcase Chair


Modernist Bookshelf


Konnex Slot-in Bookcase


Ju Hyeon Oh & Eun-Jee Kim’s Horizontal Bookcase


Fitting Pyramid


Equilibrium Bookcase by Malaganafrom


Dedalo Bookcase from Porada


Dave Pickett – Nook Coffee Table


Creative Bookshelves Designs Ideas


Booktree by Kostas Syrtariotis




Bookshelf by SuperLimão Studio


Bookshelf by Ron Arad


Bookcase built into stairs


Blu Dot Shilf Bookcase


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