26 Most Creative Cup and Mug Design Ever

Whether it is a morning coffee or afternoon tea break with your friends a beautifully design custom mug can make your drinking even sweeter. Today we have put together a great collection of most innovative and creative cup and mug design.

Many people think that cup, mugs and glasses are just ordinary things that hold our beverages. Some people show possessiveness in cups, mugs and glasses. This list of creative and beautiful mugs, cups and glasses is the most unique one that possibly you have never seen before.

These fresh ideas of innovative mug design will not only make your morning nicer but a great gift idea for your friends. Feel free to give us a feedback in the comments area about one of the best cups or mugs you’ve liked the most from the list.

1. Bathing Girl Tea Cup Set

Bathing Girl Tea Cup Set Mug Design


creative cups and mugs

2. Cookie Monster Mug Design

Cookie Monster Mug-1


Cookie Monster Mug

Personalised Mugs

personalised mugs
3. MyCuppa Mugs


MyCuppa Mugs
4. The Pessimist’s Mug


The Pessimist’s Mug
5. Cortado Cup


Cortado Cup

6. Creature Cups

Creature Cups
7. Eye Cups
Eye Cups

8. Floating Mug

Floating Mug
9. Drink Selector Mug
Drink Selector Mug
10. Dunk Mug
custom mug
11. Grenade Mug


Grenade Mug
12. Mr. Mug Lick
 mug design
13. Mugtail Mugs
Mugtail Mugs


coffee cup

14. Giraffe Mug

Giraffe Mug

15. Happy Fishermen Mug

Happy Fishermen Mug

16. Hug Me Mug Lovers Cup

Hug Me Mug Lovers Cup

17. Keyboard Coffee Cups

coffee mugs

18. Lap Mug

red cup

19. Moustache Mugs

Moustache Mugs

20. Mug With Fingers

Mug With Fingers

21. Mustache Protector Cup

Mustache Protector Cup

22. Panda Smile On Your Face Mug Set

Panda Smile On Your Face Mug Set

23. Teeth Mug

Teeth Mug

24. Ironius: The Coffee Mug Iron

The Coffee Mug Iron
25. Zipper Mug
Zipper Mug
26. The Ultimate Coffee Cup
The Ultimate Coffee Cup


The Ultimate Coffee Cup-1

Creative and Best Tattoo Designs Ideas

Tattoos have become more popular in the recent years because of the diversity in styles and designs. Best Tattoo Designs are an interesting means to decorate and pamper one’s body or body parts to make them more attractive, alluring and charming. Unique and unusual tattoo designs are more popular among teen age boys and girls. Different types of tattoo designs can be marked like flag tattoos, eagle tattoos, animal tattoos, Skull tattoos, feminine, Gemini, floral peek, Spiderman, feather, and 3D tattoos etc.

Today we showcased you some of the best examples of tattoos designs that are simple, smart and creative at the same time. Some of them are henna tattoos, temporary tattoos and permanent tattoos. Check out and share your favorite one via comment box below:

Brittany-Tattoos by BM-Photography


Tattoo Designs


Self Portrait Tattoo by aheathphoto
Tattoo Designs men


RRE – Can’t Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me by LEGENDofLMPF
Best Tattoo Designs Ideas


Tattoo Before The Shoot by Moonlight-Nightmares
tattoo design for girl

                                                                  Peekaboo by DiamonEyes
free tattoo designs


Squid and Octopus Tattoo by XxXWerwolf-Girl
tattoo designs ideas


Before the Storm by Felynx-x
tattoo designs ideas-1


Industrial Strength by DiamonEyes


best tattoo designs ideas-1


Tuggin’ On Her Tie Tattoo by LEGENDofLMPF

best tattoo designs women


Korra- Tattoos WIP by Roots-Love


Korra- tattoos WIP by Roots-Love


Chris’ Side Tattoo by PyroWolf573
best tattoo designs-3


Jamie’s Tattoos by Tetraethyl
Jamie's Tattoos by Tetraethyl


Borderlands – Lilith by WindoftheStars
tattoo designs


Sharpie Tattoo- White Violin by bueatiful-failure
wrist tattoos
Tattoos by DeadlyMidnight


tattoos for women


Make Your Own Tattoos by eKeyTattoos


Tattoos by Chailette
Tattoos by Chailette


Hot Lips Tattoo by VanessaLake
free tattoo designs


Tattoos by AAKphotography
tattoo designs on hand


I Choose You by LEGENDofLMPF
Creative and Best Tattoo Designs Ideas

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups

These innovative and Eco-friendly Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups creatively designed by Venezuelan designer, Enrique Luis Sardi. Sardi designed it especially for Lavazza, an Italian coffee company.  These cookie cups are made of pastry and special icing sugar.

Sugar icing is coated on the inner side of these cookie cups which serves as an insulator. This coating makes cup waterproof and sweetens the beverage. Once you’re done, eat your cookie.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups


Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups design


Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups-1


Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups-2


Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups-3


Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups-4


Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups-5

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups-6


Awesome Party Flyer Templates

A perfect combination of elegant fonts and creative visual elements makes your party flyer templates stand out from the rest. A flyer is normally a single page leaflet for advertising event, festival, DJ parties, service or any other activity. A unique flyer design could be the key to success for any event especially for massive parties where managing invitations is always a tough job.

Flyers are considered as the most effective form of direct marketing and are inexpensive to produce. Below we have put together a great list of brochures and free party flyer templates to inspire you create your own to fill the dancing floor.

Visit this link If your are looking to download free PSD flyer templates.

For online flyer creator or flyer maker visit this link. You may also like canva one of the best online design tool that let you create beautiful designs using ready-made and highly customisable templates.

Business Flyer
business party flyer design
80′s Flash Back Night – Flyer Template
Creative party flyers

PSD Product Flyer Template

Awesome Party Flyer Templates
Minilogue Flyer
Awesome Party Flyer Templates-1
Beach Party flyer
Soul Survivor Flyer Template
 Club Party Flyers
White Party Flyer
Party Flyer design
BLVD-Nights Flyer
free flyer templates
Fitness & Summer Party Multipurpose Flyer
party flyers
Karaoke Crazy Nights Flyer
Awesome Party Flyer Templates-2
Sound Elements Party Flyer Template
Awesome Party Flyer Templates-3
Rausch Flyer
Awesome Party Flyer Templates-4
Flow salon Flyer
Awesome Party Flyer Templates-5
All things Russian Flyer 
Awesome Party Flyer Templates-6
Fight Global Warming Flyer
Awesome Party Flyer Templates-7

Creative Animals T-Shirt Design

Everybody loves to see awesome, cute and funny animals. Even they can’t be ignore when we see their images. There is a new trend of printing cute pictures of these animals on clothes. T-Shirts are part of our daily lives. We can see cute animals in T-Shirts Design.

Everybody loves and wants to wear that art to delight or even shock others eyes or aim to fool them. Here is a collection of some of the cutest and most creative t- shirts for your holiday season. Enjoy!
Black Panther Face The Mountain Tee Shirt Child S-XL Adult M-XXXL


t shirt design ideas


The Mountain Combat Stryker Adult T-shirt Tee


t shirt design ideas-1


White Tiger Face The Mountain Tee Shirt Child S-XL Adult M-XXXL


t shirt design ideas-2


The Mountain youth Shark Bite Short Sleeve Tee


t shirt design ideas-3


White Kitten Face Men’s White Tee


Creative Animals T-Shirt Design-5

The Mountain Wolf Face Wolves Men’s Tee T-shirt

Creative Animals T-Shirt Design-4


The Mountain Men’s Power & Grace Short Sleeve Tee


Creative Animals T-Shirt Design-3


The Mountain DJ Caesar Adult T-shirt Tee


Creative Animals T-Shirt Design-3


Beagle Face T-Shirts


Creative Animals T-Shirt Design-2


White Tiger Cub Sheltered Grey Men’s Tee


Creative Animals T-Shirt Design


The Mountain Pig Face Adult T-Shirt


Creative Animals T-Shirt Design-6


The Mountain T-Shirt Elephant Face Tee


Creative Animals T-Shirt Design-7


The Mountain Combat Sam Manimals Adult T-shirt


Dog face t-shirt


Pug Face The Mountain Tee Shirt Adult S-XXXL


Dog face t-shirt-1


The Mountain Emerald Eyes Cat Face Adult Tee T-shirt


cat face t-shirt


Hippo Head Men’s Brown Tee


Unusual T-Shirts Design


The Mountain Boys 8-20 Dj Peace Shirt


Unusual T-Shirts Design


Eagle Face White Men’s Tee


Unusual T-Shirts Design-2


The Mountain Silverback Portrait Gorilla Ape Short Sleeve Tee T-shirt


 t shirt design ideas-6