Photo Manipulations By Vladimir Fedotko

Below is a collection of some of the most Fascinating collection of photo manipulation created by Vladimir Fedotko.
Vladimir Fedotko is a renowned Photo Manipulator and photographer from Russia. She was born in Leningrad, but currently lives in St. Petersburg, Russia. Fedotko has created unique and imaginative images by the combination of photography, computer processing and traditional drawing. Her images are casual, elegant and fresh. Enjoy!
Photo Manipulations By Vladimir Fedotko


Photo Manipulations-


Photo Manipulations-2


Photo Manipulations-3


Photo Manipulations-4


Photo Manipulations


Photo Manipulations-5


Photo Manipulations-6


Photo Manipulations-7


Photo Manipulations-8


Photo Manipulations-9


Photo Manipulations Vladimir Fedotko-6


Photo Manipulations Vladimir Fedotko-4


Photo Manipulations Vladimir Fedotko-3


Photo Manipulations Vladimir Fedotko-2


Photo Manipulations Vladimir Fedotko