Stunning Examples Of Photoshop Photo Manipulation

Photoshop photo manipulation is one of the most amazing image editing technique in the world of graphic design. Photographers use this technique to show their imagination and creativity in their photo editing projects. They use analog or digital means to create an illusion or deception in their photographs to make them look and feel like real ones.

Here we’ve collected a list of some excellent examples of Photoshop photo manipulation that will take you to the magical world of Photoshop. From photography, nature, HDR, objects to illustrations as well as some fantasy-related and abstract concepts.

Amazing Fashion Photo Manipulation with Abstract Smoke and Light Effects


Surreal Apocalypse Photo Manipulation


Surreal Landscape Using Photo Manipulation


Emotional Photo Manipulation Firing Heart

Fantasy Space Photo Manipulation Using Photoshop

Retro Surreal Photo Manipulation Using Photoshop


Sci-Fi Giant Tortoise Shelter Photo-Manipulation


Stunning Examples Of Photoshop Photo Manipulation


One Moment – Photo Manipulation


Amazing photo manipulations


Surrealistic photo manipulations


Creative photo manipulations


Beautiful photo manipulations


Amazing Photo manipulation


Amazing Photo manipulation


 Beautiful Photo manipulation


 Creative Photo manipulation


 Creative Photo manipulation


Trip Home – Summer Scene Manipulation


Professional Widow – Manipulation


Surreal Desert Scene in Photoshop


Pure an Energetic Photomanipulation


Amazing Fashion Photo Manipulation


Mind Blowing Surreal Photo Manipulation

Photoshop is a very useful tool that enables designers and artist to create several mind blowing photo manipulation for their graphic and design related projects. One of the most popular uses of Adobe Photoshop is altering and transforming any picture or photo to get the desired results. Dark and surreal photo manipulation is created by the combination of stock images, usage of brushes as well as addition of depth and correct light and shadow.

Surrealism become a popular digital art now a days, which is very attractive and eye-catching. Many designers used Photoshop for the creation of really interesting surreal and dark images. Today we are going to showcase you some fresh and Mind Blowing examples of dark and surreal photo manipulation art. Feel free to share your feelings with us in the comment section below:

Vampire Queen by Pygar

Surreal Photo Manipulation

Dracula’s Bride Modern Edition by mary-petroff

Photo Manipulation

Noumeno by Blekotakra

Photo Manipulation-1

Egg Island by djajakarta

photo manipulation examples

Fire Within Me by freaky665

photo manipulation examples-2

The Three Sisters by lady-symphonia

photo manipulation examples-3

Chronoscape – thundersnow by alexiuss

photo manipulation examples-4

Porcelain Splinter by conzpiracy

photo manipulation ideas

Last Exit by OmeN2501

photo manipulation ideas-1

Isolation by Wishmistress

photo manipulation ideas-2

Hidden Intentions by freaky665

photo manipulation ideas-3

What shall we die for? by Azdup

photo manipulation ideas-4

When a Part of Me Dies by lady-symphonia

photo manipulation ideas-5

Hecate by mari-na

photo manipulation techniques

E x i l e by aphostol

photo manipulation techniques-1

Corrupt by Taborda08

photo manipulation techniques-2

Confessions by lady-symphonia

photo manipulation techniques-4

If death is the end… by freaky665

photo manipulation techniques-5

Photoshop Photo Editing And Manipulation Ideas

Photographer use photo editing software like Photoshop and some advance techniques to create an illusion or manipulation in their photos. Post processing is a famous technique, which is used for editing images to stylize them and to add them a more intense effect. They edit these photographs in such a creative way by increasing quality and overall looks of photography that even we can’t decide about what to call them, photography or photo manipulation.

It requires a very creative set of skills to generate an exclusive image that can induce even the most experienced set of eyes. Everyone loves to see these creative image illusions because they are more meaningful and make your imagine deeply. Here are few best examples of Photoshop photo manipulation and editing for your inspiration. Enjoy and don’t forget to share your favorite one.


Only OPENS, if you are open for fantasy
Photoshop Photo Editing


My Cloud Tree


Edited Photography


The Endpoint


Edited Photography The Endpoint


Photoshop Photo Editing And Manipulation Ideas


Photoshop Photo Editing


Sun-bay watch
Photoshop Photo Editing Manipulation Ideas


Close To The Clouds
Illusion Photography Close To The Clouds


Search in the sea
Photo Editing Search in the sea


The spring has come
Amazing Photo The spring has come


The icy corner
Edited Photography The icy corner


Illusion Photography Seperation


Photoshop photo Manipulation Photo Editing


Photo Editing Hunter


Amazing Photo Hope


Creatively Edited Photography Joana


Monasterio de Piedra
Excellent Examples Of Creatively Edited Photography Monasterio de Piedra
                                                                           The Eerie Forest
Amazing Photo Enhancement and Editing The Eerie Forest


Waiting for the belling boy
Photoshop photo Manipulation Photo Editing-1


Illusion Photography Oak


Get High And Fly
Photo Editing Get High And Fly


Amazing Photo Camelkeepers


Alien Life
Alien Life


An ocean story
An ocean story


Photoshop photo Manipulation Photo Editing-2


Cold in James’ house
Photoshop photo Manipulation Photo Editing-3


15 Best Photoshop Background Tutorials

Photoshop provides designers with unlimited options for creating attractive and unique background tutorials. Creative backgrounds to any graphics, banners or ads are very important. With some useful Photoshop tricks and practice creating backgrounds could be really easy and fun.
Creating your own Photoshop backgrounds tutorial is even more interesting and it can be extremely personalized for your specific purpose. In this post, I have rounded up a collection of very useful Photoshop background tutorials to teach you all the tricks you need to know. With this latest collection you will be able to create some amazing effects in you own design task. Enjoy!

How to replace a background (Link)

How to replace a background

How to Change a Background in Photoshop

These Gifs Were Made Even More Funny With Some Weird Photoshop Tricks

Animated Gifs are the latest trend and everybody used them in different ways. Basically these short loops are used for communication purpose. Animated gifs are basically moving images and if you add some clever Photoshop editing they can be more funny and interesting. You can use them to show your emotions and feelings without saying a single word.  Have a look on the following awesome gifs after adding some Photoshop touch.
funny gif


most funny gif ever

















animated gifs-4


animated gifs-1


animated gifs


animated gifs